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YAA Introduction YAAGram) will establish itself as a decentralized mobile application that democratizes anime collaboration and talent discovery, while providing those users who generate value on the platform an opportunity to be compensated for their involvement through the integration of YAA Software’s Blockchaintechnology and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The YAA protocol aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the media consumption cycle. By creating a new medium of exchange, Consumers get more choice in how they pay for anime; Creators and Curators get a new form of compensation and Advertisers get a more transparent accounting and audienceinformation.

YAA Application scenario

Project function







Our plan

  • 01. The first phase of planning

    1. Time: 2020

    2. Main goal: YAA application project establishment, talent introduction

  • 02. Market research analysis

    Completed the market survey based on the YAA project and the preliminary team preparation work, and started the project.

  • 03. Improve data collection and release project information

    Completed the development based on the YAA project and released the YAA project white paper. The test network was launched and ecosystem members were invited to form an internal test group to test and tune the YAA main chain, and the angel round of investment was completed.

  • 04. Community and self-media application construction

    The YAA project began to expand globally. Complete contact with partners, expansion of partners and basic formation of the ecosystem. Launch imToken wallet assets and Uniswap trading pairs.

  • 05. Mid-term planning

    1. Time: 2021

    2. Main goal:

    (1) Have a unique YAA automatic tiered storage platform and establish a big data service platform.

    (2) YAA big data resource sharing, leveraging the advantages of hierarchical storage, and through the establishment of ledger, with the help of the decentralized properties of the blockchain, it realizes a high-efficiency mechanism for multi-party individuals and system consensus witness.

  • 06. Future planning

    1, time: 2022

    2. Main goal: YAA builds a global community, recruits members, and plans to build a global super ecosystem in 3-5 years.

YAA Features

YAA Intelligent Risk Control System

-When the market price of cryptocurrency fluctuates and the collateral is insufficient, the smart contract automatically executes the risk control early warning process, the replenishment prompt process, and the collateral disposal process;

-The borrower operator sets a risk reserve based on the business volume to resist systemic risks;

-Introduce a third-party guarantee agency as the ultimate risk payer;

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Golden Fusion Regulation

-The basic team members of YAA lending network include senior financial industry practitioners, who are well versed in the financial policies and regulations of various countries. At the same time, YAA will take financial compliance as the primary factor in the assessment of operators in the process of expanding the global market;

-The leading participants in the YAA lending network ecosystem are major financial investment institutions and service providers in various countries. In the future development blueprint provided by YAA, they will always adhere to the basic laws and regulations of sovereign financial laws and continue to develop high-quality operations Business resources enter the YAA platform to realize the healthy development of the network ecology

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Link cryptocurrency and real finance

-YAA created the possibility of a direct relationship between cryptocurrency and real finance for the first time, starting with the convenient liquidity of digital assets, completing the expansion of real financial channels, and developing with the growth of the cryptocurrency market;

-Funds invested in the cryptocurrency market can only be internally circulated in the cryptocurrency market for a long time. Before they can enter the payment link in the early stage to connect with physical objects and services, the YAA platform will become the main body of the financial connection between cryptocurrency and the legal currency system .

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